Paddle Kayak vs. Peddle Kayak

Is it worth the extra money for a peddle kayak vs. a quality paddle fishing kayak? The votes are in and the answer is a strong yes. Here’s why…

postIf paddling rivers and streams is what you enjoy, then by all means, hop into a paddle kayak and take off! The traditional fishing paddle kayak has its place, however, if you are navigating large bays, fishing “beyond the breakers”, or chasing redfish through the marsh a peddle kayak is for you. I started on a Jackson Cuda 14 fishing Mobile Bay. I caught a lot of fish and became quite attached to this kayak. I fished the Ride the Bull Tournament in Grand Isle, Louisiana and for a moment held 10th place. There were kayaks and paddle boards of every variety fishing that tournament and I quickly realized I was at a disadvantage. As with every person at that tournament, we are fisherman first and kayakers second. While I fought off the wind and current with my broad stroke of the paddle, I noticed everyone with peddle kayaks blowing by me with ease all while keeping a line in the water. It was at this point I decided it was time to fork out the money and make the change. After much research, I decided the peddle kayak that would fit me best is the Hobie Pro Angler 12. It only took one trip in the boat to realize it was an absolute game changing purchase.

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