Following The Fish

Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson. First, kayak fishing is still in my mind, the number one way to catch fish for a variety of reasons. Second, follow the fish. We will cover that second topic in depth.

I live in LA, or “lower Alabama” and fish all of the bays, rivers, and gulf here in my area. I fish anywhere from Navarre all the way over to Louisiana very consistently.  When you have the ability to fish such a variety of waters, it is really important to decide where to fish and what ground needs covered. We are currently in mid March and the fish should be migrating from the deep waters of the river systems out to the bays and shallow flats. The water is typically clear this time of year and a great time to sight fish if you can catch a day without much wind. I tested out this theory Tuesday afternoon with a lot of success. The following is how the day happened for me:

4:30 p.m. – Launched  kayak on the North side of a bay with two river systems flowing directly into the bay. It was a falling tide with good tidal movement so the bite was expected to be fairly good.

4:45 p.m. – Saw birds working about a 1/2 mile into the middle of bay so started to move kayak that direction. I threw out a swim bait behind the boat to see what would happen on the way over. Immediately my lure gets hit. 17 inch speckled trout.

5:10p.m. -Make it to the birds but they have calmed down at this point and were more so just riding the waves. I proceeded to continue trolling at about 3 mph with the swim bait.

5:20-6:30p.m. – I finished with about 7 bites and 3 keepers on the stringer to take home. All bites were out in a shallow bay of about 3 foot depth with not much rhyme or reason. The fish seemed to hit sporadically and would not be patterned. The one thing that was certain however, was that these fish are absolutely moving out of the rivers and hitting the bays in thick numbers. I plan to go back out very soon and continue to test this theory.

IN SUMMARY: I located the fish and because of the number of specks within this certain area, I was able to simply cover water at a slow troll with a lot of success. Upon returning to the boat launch, I talked with a kayaker fishing the marsh banks without any luck and a guy in a boat who was skunked as well. It just goes to show, if you find the right technique and know where to hunt the fish, you can easily have success on an otherwise tough day of fishing!

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